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Connecting a Chromebook to the Internet

Chromebooks are dandy devices but they work most effectively if you have Wi-Fi. However, the reality is that not all classrooms in all schools have total Wi-Fi coverage. If you want to connect a Chromebook to the Internet and you do not have Wi-Fi coverage you can still “hardwire” the Chromebook into your school network.  […]

Life Musings

Adam Bellow on Doing More With Less

The fact of the matter is, technology has an ever increasing role in the education system. So I found Adam Bellow’s blog post on Edutopia to be quite an interesting read.  The highlights from the blog post for me were:  Make sure tech training is available on a continuous basis. That is part of the […]

Life Musings

Updating Your Chromebook OS

While Chromebooks do not have programs or apps loaded directly on them, they do have and use the Chrome operating system and it is does occasionally require an update. In the bottom right hand corner of the photo above you can see the upwards pointing arrow – that is the indicator to say you need […]