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Food and Drink

The Big 6 Restaurant For Breakfast

In my continuing research efforts of finding trustworthy breakfast joints around the Metro Vancouver area, I stopped at a Burnaby institution, the Big 6 Restaurant.    Years ago I would meet my grandfather at the Big 6 for the Trucker’s Breakfast special. Back then the special was $2.95. Now the Trucker’s Special of two eggs, […]

Food and Drink

Biscuits and Gravy at Tony’s in Blaine

On the weekend I was in Blaine Washington a little too early to get into the post office so I did what I like to do best – I found a little hole in the wall joint and had a second breakfast. One of the things that never fails to intrigue me is the fact that […]

In the Kitchen

Kale Quiche Pie

Seeing as our kale and Swiss chard are still producing like wild things and I have not yet reconciled myself to drinking “kale” smoothies or eating roasted kale chips, we are always on the look out for recipes that we can incorporate kale or chard into. I think this crustless quiche is the perfect way […]

Food and Drink

Fat Jack’s Homestyle Diner in the Fraser Canyon

There is nothing particularly unique or special about another diner opening up these days. Even if it is east of Boston Bar, way up the Fraser Canyon. The thing that makes Fat Jack’s Homestyle Diner unique is that it is run by Todd, a “celebrity-type” chef from Vancouver who used to run a critically acclaimed […]

Life Musings

Thoughts on Food and the Food Network

A couple thoughts on food this evening. First, if the Food Network was run by real people instead of master chefs who pretend to be everyday yobs, Blogger Dad would be the star of the show.  Blogger Dad is now, essentially, running a cooking school. The first lesson he has put together is a detailed […]