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Life Musings

The Three Most Essential Items

My Sweetheart and I were talking on the way home from Spanish Banks. The conversation turned to the “what do you think are the three items that are essential to us in regards to our babies.” She immediately said, well, “You.” Making me quickly adjust my mental list to place her at the top of […]

Life Musings

Store Brand Vs Name Brand Products

Last night I stopped at our local “Chopper” grocery store (somehow, I have no idea why, that is what we started to call the local No-Frills store when it opened a few months ago).  While I was at the Chopper I remembered that we needed more baby powder at home. Seeing as I was in the Chopper and they […]

Life Musings

Ergo Baby Carrier; Our Top Essential Gear

Other than the obvious things like diapers and baby bottles, there are a few other things that we have purchased that might be considered convenience items that really are “essential” gear. The number one thing in that category are the Ergo Baby carriers that we purchased and use on a daily basis. Before we bought our Ergos […]