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Getting Outside

Leather Werk and Marlondo Leather Side by Side

As my regular readers will know, I recently collaborated with Men Werro of Leather Werk to design and have him create a beauty of an iPad-plus carry bag. I also purchased an iPad carry bag from Marlondo Leather. Yes, I felt a tad guilty about buying two separate iPad carry bags but the way I […]

Getting Outside

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Honestly, I just can’t help myself. I get an idea for a new leather bag and I have to do something about it. However, now, instead of me buying leather bags off the shelf or blindly from some website, I am communicating my ideas for what I think my new leather bag should look like […]

Life Musings

Copper River iPad Messenger Bag

As some of my long-term followers may know, I love leather carry cases. Be it a briefcase, a Messenger bag, a pouch or what have you, I love my leather bags. Typically I purchase from Saddleback Leather.     However, in my quest for the ultimate leather bag, I recently purchased a new bag from […]