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Catelli Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains

As I was saying yesterday, I was absolutely delighted to be part of the launch in western Canada of Catelli Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains pasta. I am a fiend for pasta and while I always use pasta made with whole wheat or “fibre added”, the addition of the Ancient Grains element to the Catelli pastas […]


Chef Lynn Crawford and Catelli Pasta

I hinted at this the other day (and then forgot to add more info) but today I’ll be tuning into a webcast with chef Lynn Crawford who will be demonstrating some of the new Catelli ancient grains pasta products. I’ll have more information after the webcast.


Mexican Lasagna Recipe

This morning I posted a comment in the About page asking for contributions to this blog and not even two hours later, there in my inbox is a recipe from Carla for Mexican Lasagna. Carla says this a great dish for taking to go. If you have been invited to a potluck lunch or dinner, […]


Blow your MIND Tomato Basil Pasta

How cool is this recipe? I found this recipe on Facebook yesterday and we ended up cooking it for dinner. And it was delicious!! For this recipe there is no straining the pasta, just stirring. So what do you need? Pasta, Tomatoes, Veggie Broth, Olive Oil, and Seasonings.Throw it all in the pot, INCLUDING the […]