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Life Musings

Taking a Social Media Break

Funny thing happened in late January; I decided to take a social media break – I took a hiatus from social media. My desire to take a little break was not because of the Faceplant whistleblower event that demonstrated that FB cares more about profits than about their user’s mental health. Nope. Besides, who didn’t […]

Life Musings

Best Practices for Social Media Background Checks

Using social media background checks to screen prospective employees is becoming more common. In a recent study conducted by CareerBuilder, nearly 60 percent of employers used social media to vet prospective candidates in 2016. That translates to a 500 percent increase since 2006. The same study found that nearly half of all employers who used […]

Life Musings

My Early Impressions of Google+

Like many people I have joined Google+. The thing is, I am still not too sure what to do with Google+. Is it the new Facebook or the new Twitter? Is it a combination of the two? Or is it something so completely new it can not be compared to either Facebook or Twitter? You see […]

Life Musings

Twitter Vs Facebook; the Cage Match

As I have said before, I am active on Twitter and on Facebook. On Twitter I have two accounts because, well, essentially I live in two unique worlds. One world that I live in involves babies, poopy diapers, naps, sleepless nights and the occassional theatre or restaurant visit. You can find and follow me around on […]

Life Musings

Twitter, Facebook and the Main Stream Media

I was listening to CKNW this afternoon…I don’t know why…when I heard Jon McComb talking about Social Media. McComb and his guest were talking about Social Media, presumably because Facebook received more hits than Google did for a measured period of time. Interesting enough conversation. The real laugh though came when McComb asked his guest about Twitter. And Jon McComb’s approach […]

Life Musings

Social Media at Vancouver Opera’s Nixon in China

This Saturday night just gone I had the pleasure of taking in the Canadian premiere of  Vancouver Opera’s performance of Nixon in China. The first thing I will say is, WOW. An incredible performance. Stunning. Compelling and bizarre. Now let me add, this is not Carmen or anything like Carmen. I won’t get into the […]