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Turducken 2.0

Earlier last year I had Greg the Butcher from Meat Craft put together a sort of turducken for me. It was delicious. Around the same time I saw the local grocery store, Buy Low was advertising turduckens on sale for $80. We bought and kept one of the Buy Low turduckens in the freezer ready […]


Cooking the Turducken

As I have said many tiimes before, I am NOT a fan of the traditional turkey. No matter what I have done, I have found the meat to be dry and tasteless – of course I have not yet had a deep-fried turkey, but no matter what I have done, my turkey experience has not […]


Meat Craft Urban Butchery

Just in time for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, Port Moody’s Meat Craft Urban Butchery has opened for business! Opening for today was no small feat; there were many late nights of construction and preparation in order to be ready. But after chatting withGreg McFetridge and Kerry Martini, the owners of Meat Craft they say it was […]


Christmas Turducken for our Family Meat-Feast

I have decided, rather arbitrarily that our family Christmas feast will be centered around a Turducken. For those unfamiliar with such a beast, it is a chicken deboned wrapped inside of a deboned duck with the final outer layer of flesh of a deboned turkey. However, such a feast can be ridiculously expensive so I […]