The Best Child Raising Advice of 2010

Now that 2010 is nearly over I thought it would be neat to have a look back at all the kind and generous words of wisdom on child raising that have been offered to me by family and friends.

Me and the Girls
Me and the Girls

The above photo sums up our year quite nicely; a little blurry, a little struggling going on, and lots of love and laughter. But onto our advice.

The topic of “the babies aren’t sleeping through the night” generates the most shared wisdom.

  • You need to let them cry it out.
  • You need to soothe them more quickly
  • If they puke because they are crying so long and hard let them sit it in to teach them a lesson.
  • You need to have them in a very dark room.
  • You need to have them in a room with a night light.
  • You need to have them in a quiet room.
  • You need to have soft music playing.
  • They need to be in their own room.
  • They need to be in a room with the other baby.
  • You need to let them sleep in your bed with you.
  • You should never let them sleep in bed with you.
  • They need two, two hour naps every day.
  • They only need one nap a day.
  • You still make them nap?
  • Oh my Gawd!! They are not getting enough sleep!
  • Give them a bottle of milk when they wake-up.
  • Never give them a bottle after brushing their teeth.

On the topic of food and feeding.

  • Don’t give them cow’s milk.
  • Don’t give them goat milk.
  • Don’t give them soy milk.
  • Don’t give them water.
  • Give them more water.
  • Never give them juice.
  • Give them Ribena.
  • Never give them Ribena.
  • Never give them honey.
  • Give them honey and warm milk.
  • Never give them yogurt.
  • They need to eat more yogurt.
  • They need to eat MEAT.
  • You CANNOT raise a baby as a vegetarian.
  • Don’t feed your babies meat.
  • Don’t give your babies bottles of baby food.
  • Always buy organic baby food.
  • Don’t waste your money on organic food of any kind.
  • Don’t EVER feed a baby any kind of sushi.
  • They need to eat more solid food.
  • They need to eat more vegetables.
  • They need to eat more MEAT.
  • Give them choice at feeding time.
  • Don’t give them too many choices.
  • Let them play with the food to get used to it.
  • Don’t let them play with their food.
  • Give them an egg.
  • Never give them eggs.
  • Are you trying to make them retarded? You fed them tuna?

On diapers:

  • Cloth diapers are great.
  • Cloth diapers are a waste of money and use too much detergent.
  • Disposable diapers are the cause of all the world’s waste problems. You’re not using disposables are you?
  • Toilet train them from birth.
  • You can’t toilet train them until they can talk.
  • You have to toilet train before they turn two.

On teaching and behaviour training:

  • You have to play Mozart for them.
  • Get the Baby Einstein tapes; they’re great!
  • Baby Einstein is rip-off…I saw this thing on tv about how they…
  • Read to them every night.
  • Let them read books themselves.
  • Don’t be so nice to them.
  • Be more strict.
  • Don’t be so strict.
  • I was always meaner to my children; you should be too.
  • Use a stern tone of voice.
  • Ignore the behaviours you want to “extinguish”
  • Ignoring behaviours does nothing.

And perhaps the best piece of advice we have received, “Don’t listen to all the stupid advice that everyone will give you.”

However, the real bottom line to this year of advice from family and friends is that it just goes to show how wonderful my friends and family are; they all truly want what is best for my family. And for that, I love them all.


  1. Hey! I’m pretty sure I gave you some stupid advice … I didn’t see it in the list. Haha.

    Well, whatever combination of doings and not doings it seems to be producing the desired result … lovely little people (who, ideally, would sleep a little more!)

    • My compilation was kind of a “mash-up” of everything people told us. It is all there, not easily recognizable, but there. We live and we learn. And we laugh.

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