The new sleep pattern as dictated by the twins

The girls have decided to alter the evening/night schedule. As usual they have their tub between 6 and 6:30pm, have a feast and then into bed by about 7pm. They sleep quite peacefully, sometimes stirring a little, but sleep until 10:30pm. Then they figure it is time to get up.

Story in particular let’s everyone on the house know that it is party time and she is going to rock the house. Annalie is a little more subdued but she clearly has no intention of sleeping. So by about 11:30 last night, I told them to do what they wanted to to do, just make sure the lights off before they go to bed. And, believe it or not, when I woke this morning, they were both in their beds, sound asleep…and the lights were off as I had instructed.

The good thing about their new schedule is that at around 3am Annalie usually wakes up and asks for a bottle of milk. Last night, unless I got it for her in my sleep, she just went back to sleep until 6 this morning. I actually slept from midnight through to 6am…with only a brief interruption when she woke to ask for a bottle.

As an aside, the twins were born seven months ago yesterday. Holy smokes, they are soon going to be borrowing the car!