The Rad Power Bike Radrover

I’m loving this Radrover bike. It is a beast of a machine!

Rad Power Bikes

This morning I rode to school and it didn’t take me even five minutes longer than if I drive my car. It might have even been faster.

Rad Power Bikes

In case you don’t know, the Radrover is an electric bike. It has two options – first, a battery that provides “pedal assist”. Basically, it makes it easier to pedal especially when going up hills – that option is called pedal assist.

The other option – you can roll on the “throttle” like you would on a motorcycle. However, once you are up to 32 kmh there is a governor that kicks in so that it is then pedal power. That’s “the law” for electric bikes. Anything above 32 kmh and you are considered a motor vehicle and you need to have insurance and a bunch of other stuff.

As for the riding part, I can completely understand why people prefer bike lanes that are separated from the traffic. Today I was riding along in my marked bike lane and a woman driving beside me just moved into my lane essentially forcing me off the road. When I yelled at her she just looked over at me with her mouth hanging open.

Commuting on my Radrover is like riding a motorcycle – you have to assume people in cars can’t see you.

As for the Rad Power Bike concept, I am loving it. The fat tires on my Radrover get everyone talking and makes people smile when they see it. They just look beastly. And when I’m riding they smooth out the little bumps in the road. I love them.

The pedal assist/electric motor doesn’t do all the work; I still pedal while I’m riding. The pedal assist just makes it so that the hills are not so crushing to the spirit to a “non-seasoned” rider like myself.

I will do another YouTube video of the bike in the next little while and I’ll also try to get a video of my friend’s Radcity Commuter bike to show some of the differences.