Today’s audition went well

The girls were in a good mood during the audition time. Bonus! Sometimes they will play strange when someone they don’t know comes near them but today they were all smiles and cheer when the film person picked them up, one at a time. On a side note, the audition was held in a two-storey building without an elevator. Hellish getting in there because of the number of twins that arrived in strollers. You might have thought of this before booking the space. Now we just wait to see if they get a callback from the film people. It is always a bit of a long shot due to the number of babies they call to these auditions.

On a related note, the webisode Riese the Series is now being released for viewers. You can see it on YouTube, episode by episode. I think that Story was in episode five or six. I’m not sure though so I watch each episode as they are released.