Traveling the Scenic 7

Typically, when we travel to the interior of BC we avoid the freeway (Hwy 1) and we choose to travel via the Lougheed Hwy – the Scenic 7.

It really is a beautiful drive and as I’ve aged, my driving habits have become much more like my Dad’s. He always talked about how a car or truck’s fuel economy got progressively worse the faster you traveled so the Scenic 7 is a natural for me – a slower paced drive.

On my most recent trip up the Scenic 7 I had an idea – give my iPhone to my kids and get them to take pictures of “whatever you think people would want to see”.

Unfortunately I forgot to tell them how to focus when taking pictures so most of the footage has what you might call a “soft focus”.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Next one we do will be the Fraser Canyon from Hope up to Lytton. And I’ll be sure to show them how to focus before filming!





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    Good job girls!

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