Vancouver Opera’s Performance of La Traviata

On Saturday April 30th I will be attending the opening night of Vancouver Opera’s performance of La Traviata. Yes I am excited about seeing Sir Jonathan Miller direct Guiseppe Verdi’s most popular opera but at this time I have a much more pressing question or concern on my mind; whatever shall I wear to this opera?!

I have an awesome new pair of cowboy boots to wear; all I will say about them for now is that they are black and the hide they are made from is not endangered. The real issue though, I have no suit to wear with my boots. And admittedly, I no longer look as good in my birthday suit as I did in days gone by, so please, do not even go there.

I am thinking of a deep red, maybe a burgundy brocade fabric for my suit. I want something outrageous. Something fabulous. Something wild. Think Don Cherry.

Where to find such a beast of a suit in the next two weeks? Anyone have any help for me? Please?





3 responses to “Vancouver Opera’s Performance of La Traviata”

  1. Caitlyn James Avatar

    Stacey, Don Cherry is definitely a man to emulate but I currently think the best suit of the moment is Paul on American Idol. That suit with the roses on it – oh yah! And how hot would that look with black cowboy boots? Maybe he’d lend it to you?

  2.  Avatar

    Claymore Suits on Hastings near Clark Drive.

  3. Heather Avatar

    I’m afraid you won’t be seeing Sir Jonathan on the 30th – while he has directed the opera company in rehearsals, he does not conduct the orchestra – and he’ll be back in England before opening night.

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