Vancouver Opera’s Performance of La Traviata

On Saturday April 30th I will be attending the opening night of Vancouver Opera’s performance of La Traviata. Yes I am excited about seeing Sir Jonathan Miller direct Guiseppe Verdi’s most popular opera but at this time I have a much more pressing question or concern on my mind; whatever shall I wear to this opera?!

I have an awesome new pair of cowboy boots to wear; all I will say about them for now is that they are black and the hide they are made from is not endangered. The real issue though, I have no suit to wear with my boots. And admittedly, I no longer look as good in my birthday suit as I did in days gone by, so please, do not even go there.

I am thinking of a deep red, maybe a burgundy brocade fabric for my suit. I want something outrageous. Something fabulous. Something wild. Think Don Cherry.

Where to find such a beast of a suit in the next two weeks? Anyone have any help for me? Please?


  1. Stacey, Don Cherry is definitely a man to emulate but I currently think the best suit of the moment is Paul on American Idol. That suit with the roses on it – oh yah! And how hot would that look with black cowboy boots? Maybe he’d lend it to you?

  2. I’m afraid you won’t be seeing Sir Jonathan on the 30th – while he has directed the opera company in rehearsals, he does not conduct the orchestra – and he’ll be back in England before opening night.

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