New Westminster’s Wild Thyme

I had heard great things about Wild Thyme, the New Westminster restaurant that serves Lebanese food so this week for a lunch meeting a colleague and I popped in to give Wild Thyme on 12th Street in New Westminster a try.

Wow. No wonder there is such a buzz about this place! Incredible flavours.

Wild Thyme

We each started with a green salad. And no word of exaggeration, I was basically full after the salad! It was massive. And full of amazing flavours of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

I have to admit that we made a strategic error when we ordered. We did not realize that the lunch “mains” were so large. Honestly, we should have ordered one lunch entree. Instead we ordered two.

Wild Thyme

After we finished our salads another plate arrived at the table – four dips and a massive piece of bread fresh out of the brick oven in the restaurant.

Wild Thyme

The bread was still puffy and full of delicious heat from the oven.

Wild Thyme

Then our entrees arrived! You would think that I would know how to take a better picture of food than the one above. The problem is that the restaurant is so small I could barely move back from the table to try and capture an image!!

My lunch entree was the cauliflower bowl. Except it wasn’t a bowl but a dinner plate loaded with smoky roasted cauliflower and heaps of unknown deliciousness. I actually took more than half of it home.

My lunch companion ordered the 1/2 meat, 1/2 chicken “bowl” which came in a full sized frying pan! There was enough food in that dish to feed four people! And the flavours…out of this world!!

I will definitely be returning to Wild Thyme but we will be sharing a lunch or dinner entree next time. I have no hesitation recommending Wild Thyme.

  • Wild Thyme is located at 705 12th Street, New Westminster






2 responses to “New Westminster’s Wild Thyme”

  1. Daniel Wreaks Avatar

    This food looks amazing…better more than less. I live in Victoria but if i ever get over to the mainland I’ll be checking this place out big time!

    1. stacey Avatar

      The food was delicious. Such vibrant flavours! I highly recommend Wild Thyme.