H1N1 vaccination; yea or nay?

Okay so the H1N1 flu vaccine is now available in BC. So do you get the jab or not? The freaking guilt being heaped upon people for questioning the need for the vaccine is unbelievable. I heard some government apologist saying that the federal government has gone to extraordinary lengths and COST so that we can all get a flu shot.

So they have gone to great expense…interesting. The Big pharmaceuticals came riding to the rescue. And coincidentally made a tidy profit. To be expected, after-all, they are a business and they have to make money or their shareholders will be pissed off. So you have to put on your tin foil hat for a moment and wonder, what if the Big Pharma created this entire hysteria? Not necessarily the actual swine flu…errr I mean H1N1…but the hysteria around the flu? Marketing genius. “This flu is MORE DANGEROUS because it attacks the young.” As if who cares about the other flu that attacks the old people? “This flu is MORE DANGEROUS…and so on”.

And then, notice how it is the H1N1 flu now? How often do you hear people say Swine flu? You want to bet that the pork lobby got to the government and worked out a deal so that “Swine flu” could be repositioned in the flu marketplace as an H1N1 flu to save the pork producers? Conspiracy? Perhaps. Probably.

President Obama then signs a proclamation thus declaring this a national emergency. Okay…do I need to ask my friends at Google how many people are living with HIV/AIDS in the USA? Or how many people die from seasonal flu every year? Or, how many Americans do not have health insurance so that if they do get the seasonal flu or cancer or a broken arm they can get affordable medical attention? What was that? 40 how many MILLION? And this flu is a national emergency. Interesting.

But then, you have babies in your home and the fear that my decision is going to impact the twins permeates EVERY thought. Okay I get sick from the flu, get really sick, go to the ICU and maybe die. Shit. Game over, times up…Worst case scenario. Except then my two little angels are left here without their Super Papa. Or even worse, I get the flu, get sick, bring it home, get better and then find I have passed it on to my angels. Drop the F*** bomb here. Can you say MASSIVE GUILT? SHIT.

So what do you do? What should I do? Dunno as of tonight.






2 responses to “H1N1 vaccination; yea or nay?”

  1. Crunchy Avatar

    I know..am going nuts.
    I mean I haven’t even had T get her two month shots and she is over 3 months now.
    I believe in shots…sort of..but hate doing that to the kids AND yes..I don’t even do the reg flu shot…BUT…BUT..
    My son died at 26 weeks because I got Fifth Disease from my kids….so now am EXTRA paranoid….for my baby daughter..so do I get the rest of the family done..will that protect her?
    Totally stuck here too

  2. dana gavrilescu Avatar
    dana gavrilescu

    Stacey, you made some great points here. I too have been pondering the whole flu shot thing. I totally would not put it past the pharmaceuticals to be behind the massive hype behind this. Also love your point about how this flu is more dangerous because it attacks the young…let the old rot in hell.
    The last time I got the flu shot (2 yrs ago in sd40) I got the flu bad twice that ‘season’. Last year no shot and no illness…all I did was take Kyolic garlic and some other immune enhancing supplements and wash my hands a lot!
    I will probably stick to the same regimen this time. But then, I don’t have the little ones to worry about. Maybe take the better safe than sorry approach? Dunno…