My Pedicure Date at April Nail Spa

It is official, Leeanne Ekland, blogger at Mom Paradigm and I are going for pedicures at April Nail Spain New Westminster. And, the Mom Paradigm and I will both be blogging about the experience!

April Nail Spa
April Nail Spa

And the really good news? If this locale passes the tough test of managing to tame my horrific feet, then I will be arranging a giveaway for some lucky follower to have their very own end of the summer pedicure done! Yippee!!

Contest details to follow…if they pass our test.


Disclosure: April Nail Spa has provided absolutely NO financial or other incentive for me to write this blog post or the follow-up blog post that is to come. This blog post is based upon my personal opinion and as always, I maintain complete editorial control over all content posted here.


  1. My four year old recently requested rainbow sparkles on his nails, so I’m going with that. Rainbow Sparkles FTW.

  2. I think you should have them frenched and look like a real man….. clean and tidy feet and nail but not pretentious

  3. May the coarse….foot file …….be with you! Enjoy your new feet, all ready for school. I suggest. OPI’s “Gargantuan Green Grape” for your digits.

  4. In order to help you win the bet you have with someone, probably related to who comments on what on your blog (maybe versus facebook, but definitely, non-fiction versus fictionalized real life) I will make a comment.

    However, I am completely unable to suggest a colour – unless there is one called “Tramp Steamer to Alaska”.

  5. Depending on what line of colours they carry I would like to express my choice of OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress perfect red for all occasions!!! I do so hope there will be posting of the finished toes!!!!

  6. Thanks all! The colour is set. Follow up post coming later this evening with full, graphic pics of my feet pre and port-treatment.

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