New Online Traffic Map for Metro Vancouver

Drive BC Map
Drive BC Map

Drivers in Metro Vancouver have a new, real-time traffic map to plan smarter and more efficient journeys.

The traffic map is free to use and accessible online.

The map colour-codes major highways and roads in the Metro Vancouver region according to traffic speeds. Green means traffic is moving well, orange means traffic is slow and red means traffic is very slow.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon monitoring the map and quickly realized that drivers are going to be “seeing red” wherever there is a body of water to cross.

The map also allows partner agencies to study, like I did yesterday, traffic flows in Metro Vancouver. This tool will help with planning to further improve regional road infrastructure and reduce congestion.

Unfortunately I could not find anywhere on the map that points to where the pot of gold is that will be required to pay for the infrastructure upgrades required to ease the congestion.

The map is based on anonymous tracking of cellphone signals using GPS technology. Movement of the cellphone signals generates the real-time traffic flow measurements, which are translated into the online map. In order to maintain privacy, any personal data from cellphones is removed (it was not clear if the American spy agency NSA was removing the personal data or not) before it is used in the map system.

Developed by TransLink, the $1.2-million project, the map covers Highway 1 from Whistler to Chilliwack, Highway 99 from the Peace Arch Border Crossing to Whistler, and all other numbered highways and major roadways in Metro Vancouver.

Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

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