Duffin’s Donuts; Good Times

Do you know of a restaurant or two or three that you have always wanted to try but have just never managed to make it happen? I’ve got a couple, but after this weekend, one less.

This weekend I crossed one of my “I really need to try that place” restaurants after visiting Duffin’s Donuts on Knight and 41st in Vancouver.

And to be clear and upfront, I look forward to visiting Duffin’s Donuts again. It was a good visit.

You can think of Duffin’s Donuts as an east van, working person’s Timmies. With WAY better sandwiches, fried chicken, and burgers.

And tamales. And spring rolls. And bubble tea. And burgers. And fries. Yep. A donut shop and more. Much more.

I shared a 3 piece of fried chicken, a Vietnamese grilled chicken sandwich, a couple of spring rolls and fries at the table. Everything was good. I would say the Viet grilled chicken was my favourite lunch item. And the fried chicken. Oh yeah, the crispy, coated fries were pretty darn good too!

And the donuts… so much better than the Timmie’s donuts! That custard filled eclair was awesome. Definitely not fine dining but simply good working persons food.

And while we were there eating, the line up usually had 6-10 people in it even though the service was very fast and friendly.

I’ll definitely be stopping in to Duffin’s Donuts again when I’m back in their neighbourhood.

Duffin’s Donuts is located at 1391 E 41st Ave in Vancouver. It is on the northwest corner of 41st and Knight and is open 24 hours a day.





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  1. Michael Kwan (@michaelkwan) Avatar

    I still remember going to the original location on Main and 33rd. I think a half-dozen donuts was $3.50 and a dozen was $5.50 or so at the time. Used to have really cheap basic breakfast too.