Saturday sushi dinner time

So after our exhausting day with the twins yesterday we couldn’t even bring ourselves to make a salad for dinner. We were so wiped out I was sent out of the house to forage for food for us. Being semi-vegetarian this is sometimes a bit of an adventure. Semi-veggie to us means that we will eat fish but we do not eat other meats like chicken, pork, beef and so on. This is not always the case (there was this place in Texas called the Big Texan where they have a 72 oz steak…) but by and large, we like to eat vegetarian style.

Last night I drove up North Road to a sushi place in Burquitlam, a place called Hanano Sushi and Grill. It is a classy looking place and we have had take-out from them before with good results.

Tonight I was hungry so I ordered more take-out than I probably should have. I can usually tell if I order too much food because of the number of chopsticks they put in the bag to go. I guess I had this one pretty close because they only put three pair of chopsticks in the bag.

I ordered the Party Tray A which comes with two of each tuna, salmon, and ebi sushi, california roll, dynamite roll, tuna roll and salmon roll. I also ordered a yam roll and my sweetheart’s favourite, a chopped scallop roll. All pretty tame, North American style sushi pieces.

All the food was delicious; it tasted fresh and was nicely packaged with an eye to the esthetic quality. As usual, the ends of the rolls were far too big to eat as they sat so I rose to the occassion and dismantled them before eating them. Very good flavour!

Located at #14-555 Clarke Rd, near a Scottish store that rents out quilts and across Clarke Road from the Dairy Queen. This is a definite return-to place, especially if we could sneak away for a meal without the kids!