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Baytowne Leather Wallets and a GIVEAWAY!!

Here is a video of my latest Baytowne Leather wallet/credit card holder. Seeing as Roge of Baytowne Leather provided this little credit card holder/wallet (the first wallet I presented in the above video) to me as a gift, I feel it is only appropriate that I continue that giving. If you are interested in being […]

Durable Goods

ML Leather Fisherman’s Wallet

The latest addition to my wallet collection arrived in my mailbox today; my handcrafted ML Leather Fisherman’s wallet. This is a cool wallet. A very cool wallet. Part of what makes it cool is that on the evening that I ordered it, Cody Vance, the shop owner, emailed me to say thanks for the order and […]

Durable Goods

The Daycraft MoneyWrap

Yes, I’ve been on a bit of a leather buying spree in the last two weeks and that leather is all starting to arrive at my home. The latest thing to arrive was my Daycraft MoneyWrap. This is a clever new idea for a wallet. Rather than a wallet, it is a wrap; you take […]