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Life Musings

Top Ten Winter Destinations for the USA

Last week we were sitting around the lunch table at work and the conversation turned to winter vacation planning – specifically, where were people planning to go for winter vacation. And that got us asking, what are some of the top vacation places, particularly in the USA. Of course lots of my lunch friends assumed […]

Life Musings

Baby It’s Cold Outside

You’ve probably heard that some radio stations have “banned” or stopped playing the classic Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” because of concerns that it perpetuates “rape culture” or because of concerns about consent.  Well, there are a couple of really ridiculous points that are being missed in this entire discussion. First, it is really […]

Life Musings

The Reality of Parenting Conversations

Before I became a father I had many delusional dreams of having intellectual conversations with my children. I thought about the conversations we would have about local and global issues. I also thought about wandering along the shoreline with my children and watching the microcosm of life in tide pools. Or going for drives through […]

Life Musings

The Choices of a Self-Driving Car

When we talk about self-driving cars (cars controlled by computers), people often go to the “what if situations”. The situation people often go they often go to is “what if the car has to choose between running over a pedestrian or an animal or swerving and hitting a wall and thereby killing or badly injuring […]


Another Free “Beat the Heat Activity”

As the heat wave continues to sit over top of Metro Vancouver and much of southern British Columbia I am looking for more creative ways to entertain my children while avoiding the heat as best I can. I previously took the kids to Burnaby Village Museum which they loved, but today I wanted to be […]


Fun, Free, and Entertaining; Burnaby Village Museum

Are there any words more frightening than hearing a young child saying “I’m bored”? During the summer months I am essentially a stay at home dad. As such I need activities to engage my children. Seeing as our neighbours complained about the dirt track and the noise from the dirt bikes that we were running […]

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Reflections on the Public School System

I have spent the first couple weeks of summer break reflecting on and thinking about how we do things in the K to 12 education system. One of the things I have been thinking about is the way we treat people who arrive late. Imagine if when you arrived at your workplace even a couple […]

Life Musings

The Hack Attack

Earlier this week my web hosting company alerted me to the fact that my blog (and many others) had come under attack and had been “hacked”. I really don’t know what that means or what hackers get out of hacking a blog. Whatever, they found a vulnerability in the “workings” and they exploited it. My […]

Life Musings

Filming the Recording of a Podcast

As one or two of you know, I’ve started a podcast on which I discuss whatever random topic piques my curiosity. For giggles one night I filmed myself recording my podcast. That’s my recording studio – the back porch. That’s my recording equipment – an iPhone. Which I’ve now “upgraded” by using the earbuds to […]