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Schnitzel Sandwich 

I took a group of students to Revs Bowling Alley this afternoon and while they all wanted pizza, I opted for a sandwich.  The server told me that all the staff are loving the new schnitzel sandwich. She added that it is huge. Comes with fries so I figured, why not.     I suppose it […]


Dunn’s Famous Restaurant – Reboot

Yesterday, Dunn’s Famous Restaurant held a media event where they introduced their renewed menu to a selection of food bloggers and other media-types. Although I was unable to attend the event, I did manage to follow along on Instagram and I was impressed with the look of the updated menu and look of the restaurant. […]


Early Lunch at Cheese St Grill Food Truck 

I forgot to share this picture from yesterday’s lunch so here it is today – a Breakfast Brioche sandwich from the Cheese St Grill food truck. The Cheese St Grill truck was parked on Poirier St, near the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market.     I was looking for a breakfast type sandwich and this one fit the […]


Local Omnivore Food Truck

I was at Yellow Dog Beer, a Port Moody craft brewery when I happened upon a new food truck; The Local Omnivore – a very cool food truck that makes sandwiches, burgers and fries. These fun-loving dudes serve up great tasting food with a mind towards how the food is produced. Their certified organic beef […]


American Cheesesteak Company

More to come as soon as I get to a screen bigger than the palm of my hand. But for now, here is a pic of my pre-Canucks game meal at the American Cheesesteak Company. The follow-up after my visit to the American Cheesesteak Company – After having a rather disappointing Philly Cheesesteak sandwich/wrap at […]


The River’s Reach Philly Cheesesteak

It is funny how our expectations of what a meal or a dish should be like can influence how we feel about the meal or dish as it is presented to us. Today for lunch I had a brief client meeting in New Westminster and we decided to meet at the River’s Reach Pub. Not […]


Pho Song Serves Classic Pho Broth

Yesterday I was sent out to Maple Ridge for a late afternoon meeting and not knowing just how long it would take me to get out into the far reaches of Maple Ridge, I left earlier than I needed and not surprisingly, I arrived very early. So what else to do than sample a pho […]


Construction Techniques for Sandwiches

When constructing sandwiches it is important to make sure that you have meat coverage in your sandwiches from coast to coast on the bread you are working with. To accomplish “coast to coast meat coverage”, simply fold your chosen cold cut in half to form semi-circles. Then place the slices of cold cuts onto your […]


Fat Jack’s Homestyle Diner in the Fraser Canyon

There is nothing particularly unique or special about another diner opening up these days. Even if it is east of Boston Bar, way up the Fraser Canyon. The thing that makes Fat Jack’s Homestyle Diner unique is that it is run by Todd, a “celebrity-type” chef from Vancouver who used to run a critically acclaimed […]


Big Star Sandwich Co and Wally’s Burgers

A couple foodie bits from New Westminster today. First, I had lunch at the Big Star Sandwich Co on Monday afternoon. Typically I will get their Corned Beef on Rye sandwich but Clint, the owner and chief sandwich architect told me they had a new turkey supplier and he thought I would enjoy the new […]