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Big Star Sandwich Company Earns Another Star

I went with a group of colleagues to the hot new lunch place in New Westminster, the Big Star Sandwich Company on 12th. Our group of ten was lucky to get in the door and get our sandwich orders started just before the place was SWAMPED with people. As I did last time I visited them, […]

Food and Drink

Subway Sandwiches Save the Day

This week just gone by was a week of working lunches. Every day I was asked to join one group or another to discuss stuff of such importance that we could not even leave the room to break for lunch. A couple of times, instead of leaving the meeting room, we ordered lunch in for […]

Food and Drink

A Little Time on the Foodie Beat

A couple of Foodie items today. Today I attended a late afternoon business meeting downtown Vancouver. Of course all of us who attended were missing our dinners or were expecting to be home late for dinner so the sandwiches provided for us were very appreciated. Seeing as I am a vegetarian (a vegetarian who eats fish) I […]