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The Northern Cafe and Grill Vancouver

I’ve wanted to try the Northern Cafe and Grill Vancouver for a long time but their hours of 7am to 3pm has made it virtually impossible for me to get a meal there. Well, with me being on summer holidays, I saw my opportunity. Going for a breakfast at the Northern Cafe and Grill Vancouver […]

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Jimoco Cafe – Cheap Breakfast

If you ask people where to go for a cheap breakfast usually the first place they say is Bon’s off Broadway. Some people will also say IKEA’s one dollar breakfast is the real deal. Well the real deal and the best, cheap breakfast in town is the Jimoco Café. From opening until 9:30 AM they […]

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Biscuits and Gravy at Tony’s in Blaine

On the weekend I was in Blaine Washington a little too early to get into the post office so I did what I like to do best – I found a little hole in the wall joint and had a second breakfast. One of the things that never fails to intrigue me is the fact that […]

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Breakfast at the Jimoco Cafe

I was surprised to notice that I have not added the Jimoco Cafe, one of my favourite Tri-Cities breakfast joints to my list of trusted brekkie joints. I have been going to the Jimoco Cafe for quite a few years and I have always been impressed with the quality and presentation of their food. This […]

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Fat Jack’s Homestyle Diner in the Fraser Canyon

There is nothing particularly unique or special about another diner opening up these days. Even if it is east of Boston Bar, way up the Fraser Canyon. The thing that makes Fat Jack’s Homestyle Diner unique is that it is run by Todd, a “celebrity-type” chef from Vancouver who used to run a critically acclaimed […]

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Fat Jack’s Homestyle Diner at The Mighty Fraser

Typically you expect to see hipsters, the tattooed, toque and black t-shirt wearing twenty-somethings in Vancouver on Main Street between King Ed and north towards Kingsway. Sometimes they will head further east as far away from Main Street as Fraser Street. Rarely though will you see them east of that. So imagine my surprise when […]

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Chia Seed – Matcha Tea Breakfast

Every so often a colleague of mine often shows up to work with a little jar of green goop that she eats while sitting at her desk. I asked her what was in the jar and she let me have a taste of the green goop and you know, it was delicious! Not only is […]

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Big Al’s Diner; The Mount Baker Breakfast

I snuck out of the country this morning just so that I could get a plate of biscuits and gravy with eggs over-easy. It is amazing to me how you just go across the border, out of Canada and into Washington State and you can get a meal like this one pictured. In Vancouver, Canada […]

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Cora for Breakfast Falls Flat

A friend from Steveston told me about his favourite breakfast restaurant, Cora. He loves the place so I thought, me being the lover of anything breakfast, I better give it a try. I have to admit I was seriously under-whelmed. Seriously. Yes, the service was great; fast and friendly and they have free wireless available […]

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The Save-On-Meats Diner Breakfast Experience

Last Sunday, early in the morning before my weekly visit to see my dad I decided to give the recently re-opened Save-On-Meats diner another taste test. You may remember that I tried their lunch fare in the first couple of days that they were open. That was a very pleasant experience so I thought I […]