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Bard on the Beach to Celebrate Bill Shakespeare’s Birthday

On May 5th the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival will celebrate Shakespeare’s 447th birthday with its annual fundraising event: BILL’S BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST. This festive and informative morning will take place from 7:30 to 9:00am at the Sheraton Wall Centre. While guests enjoy a delicious breakfast, the four directors who will stage this summer’s productions […]

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Teething; the Extreme Home Edition

I have a list of postings that I have been working on with deadlines approaching and passing and yet I have not been able to complete any of them. The reason? Teething, the extreme home edition. Annalie is cutting in molars. This teething thing has taken us completely by surprise because up until now both […]

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Sunday at Quan’s Kitchen on Austin

Home again from our weekly breakfast at Quan’s. Story was her usual charming self this morning. She has become very vocal in the last couple of days and lets loose these piercing squeals that can be quite shocking to some. About half way through brekkie though she started squirming and acting all goofy. If her […]

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Breakfast at Quan’s

Story and I are home from our Sunday breakfast at Quan’s Kitchen, our local diner. Story behaved like a little angel this morning saying that the extra hour of sleep made her feel so much more rested this morning. Personally, I thought it just gave her another on-the-hour opportunity to wake up. Whatever it did, she […]

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Sunday breakfast

Story and I are now back home after the traditional Sunday morning breakfast at Quan’s Kitchen. This morning Story’s mother was awake before we could sneak out of the house so Story was actually properly clothed this time. Usually I sneak away early so whichever twin comes with me is attired in her sleepwear. This morning […]

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A birthday of sorts

To an individual who has not yet experienced a pregnancy or had the joy of children living with them from birth, a pregnancy is nine months long. Maybe some will say nine months and a week. However, once you have travelled the road of pregnancy, all that changes. You see, pregnancy is not measured in months […]

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Sunday morning breakfast

Went to my usual Sunday morning breakfast with a baby. Today was Story’s turn to get out for one-to-one time with her Papa. She was a little cranky being out today probably because her mother wrapped her in so many layers of clothing she could barely move Lord help us when it actually gets cold […]