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A Couple Restaurant Updates

There have been a couple of changes in local restaurants recently and an exciting new opening you may be interested in hearing about. First, a place I tried over the Christmas break, the Onyx Steakhouse located in Port Moody’s Suterbrook neighborhood has suddenly closed. In its place will be another place I recently tried, Romer’s, […]

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A&W TeenBurger for Lunch

By far the best fast food burger joint is A&W. And the best burger from them is the Teenburger.     I love the big chunk of lettuce, the slice of tomato, and the bacon. I also appreciate the fact that I can get the burger on a whole wheat bun. I love my A&W burgers!  […]

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Romer’s for Dine Out 2016

I am still in Vancouver’s very trendy neighborhood of Yaletown doing some intensive training work. Tonight instead of working through dinner we took a short break and were able to wander off on our own for dinner. I chose to stop in at Romer’s Yaletown location.     I went for the $20 Dine Out Vancouver […]

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A&W Burgers for Lunch 

A late lunch of A&W burgers, actually an after school snack, with my little Bears today. The classic Teen Burger with a couple of Buddy Burgers, a side of fries and another side of onion rings. To me, the Teen Burger is the best fast food burger available in our city. Please follow and like […]

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The Black Bean Burger

Today’s lunch was a high school cafeteria special like I never had when I was a student – a black bean veggie burger with a thick, rich and creamy aioli. The pinch of caramelized red onions added a nice flavour highlight. Please follow and like us:

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Lunch at the Northern Cafe and Grill

For my last lunch out and away from New Westminster I decided to hit up the Northern Cafe and Grill one more time. I went there earlier in the summer for a breakfast and the owner told me to come back again to see him to try the burgers he makes. He told me he […]

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Lunch at the Sun Star Restaurant

In the past I have gone to the Sun Star restaurant for breakfast. Just the simple two eggs, hashbrowns and bacon type of fare. After a long training session in the local pool (what else are you going to do during a monsoon?) the girls and I were hungry, bordering on hangry. So I wheeled […]

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The Horn of Plenty Cafe

I made it into the Horn of Plenty Cafe in Agassiz today before 3pm so I had one of their kangaroo burgers. It was very cool. The server told me they cook kangaroo burgers medium rare because the meat is so lean and I’ll say I’m glad it they only cook it medium rare because […]

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A Beef Burger at Jack’s 

I was told about a restaurant I should try in the Fraser Valley. It is at the intersection where you can turn to go to Agassiz or you can go up to Harrison Hot Springs.  Seeing as I was driving through the Fraser Valley along the Scenic Hwy 7, I thought why not try a […]

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The Wildcat Grill Restaurant 

Lunch today in Rosedale – it is just east of Chilliwack – at the Wildcat Restsurant.  I chose their Caesar salad rather than fries as a side. Healthy choices and all that. The massive side of Caesar salad was perfectly creamy.     My main was a Buffalo Chicken burger. A grilled chicken breast with hot […]