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Life Musings

Another Restless Night in the Nursery

Now that was a brutal night. And the last time I let a doctor’s advice trump my experience and observations. The backgrounder; after the twins one year warranty check-up the doctor told us that the kids should be sleeping through the night. We were told that they have enough body weight to carry them through the […]

Life Musings

Missing the “Man Time” Part of Life

Perhaps the toughest thing that came along with having twin baby girls is the fact that I rarely ever get “man time.” Now make no mistake, it is a dream to have two of the most beautiful little girls the world has ever seen. And my wife, well, we are the very best of partners. […]


The Joy of Coffee

Do you ever stop and think about how our modern day conveniences came about? Things that we depend on everyday, things like, for example, coffee. Who was it that stopped and picked the coffee berries and then had the foresight to dry them and save the hard little nut like thing that was inside? Imagine […]

Life Musings

Do twins run in the family?

Today when people asked us about the twins we replied that in fact they were not twins, we had met on PlentyofFish.com and we both had babies that were the same age, purely coincidental that they were born on the same day. And then later when people asked if twins ran in the family, we […]

Life Musings

Baby formula is not…

A word to the wise…if you perchance run out of milk in your house and you need some kind of “coffee whitener” do not try to use baby formula. Now maybe the babies do not understand what weird tasting shit that they are drinking but…my goodness. No milk in the fridge and no coffee whitener […]

Life Musings

Smiles and love

You have been awake for far too long in the night holding a crying baby, you are tired and you have a long day of work ahead outside of the house, you haven’t had a morning coffee yet, you are grumpy. And then you look in the crib and see two beautiful babies looking up […]

Life Musings

Coffee at the village

This morning Annalie and I went down to the Village for an early Thanksgiving coffee. It is neat to see so many other fathers out with their little ones. There was one father who came in with a baby even smaller and then my twin dolls. I like this. Yesterday I saw many fathers walking […]